Why Does TV Take Forever To Turn On(Samsung, LG & More)?

Smart TVs are just like any other complex technological device in your household. They use memory/caches to store data in just like our mobile phones and computers.

Why does your TV take forever to turn on? Filled cache, a faulty power supply, dusty components, outdated operating system/TV parts. To make your TV faster, cold boot your TV to clear the cache. Turn your TV on and press the power button for a couple of seconds. Keep it pressed as the TV turns off. Keep the power button pressed as the TV reboots itself.

However, once you fill up the TV’s memory with apps and all sorts of data, then the TV will take a longer loading/start up time. To put it simply, TVs have a slower processor compared to phones and computers. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Why Does Your TV Take Forever To Turn On?

Every TV can have its own problems, which make it slower. However, this section explores some of the more probable causes for your TV running slowly.

  • Filled-up memory components/caches can be a very likely reason for your TV’s slow processing speeds. They will take longer to load apps and start up because the processor has to shuffle through a filled memory to find exactly what it is looking for. However, there are ways to fix such issues. These tips and tricks are discussed in the sections below.
  • “Time” is a big factor. As time goes on, TVs get older, and their components become outdated. The components have to face damp air, dust, and other particles in the environment. This disrupts the inner workings of the TV and slows it down. An easy solution to this issue is getting your TV cleaned by a professional. This involves removing the back cover and using tools to remove all the dust from the components with surgical precision.
  • Some TV components can go just go bad, and you cannot do anything about it. Even if you have a newer TV, you cannot do anything about faulty parts. TVs can take longer to power on if power supplies, plugs, and other similar components are faulty or worn out. Therefore, your last hope to fix this issue would be to get an expert on your case. Have a service center look at your smart TV so that they can come up with a more convenient solution.

Why Does My Samsung TV Take A Long Time To Turn On?

A Samsung smart TV is the same as any other smart TV out there. It is going to have the same problems that other TVs face. Samsung TVs can face filled cache problems, faulty component problems, and damp/dust issues.

All of these issues have been discussed in great detail in the section above. You can learn about how to solve them by exploring the rest of this article.

Why Does My LG TV Take So Long To Turn On?

LG TVs are not that different than other TVs. They also have similar causes for this issue. It can have a filled cache, a faulty power supply, or even components that have gathered way too much dust.

Outdated operating systems and outdated models can also be an issue for LG owners. You can update the software by going to the settings. However, if there is no update available, then you would have to try the solutions given in the section below.

How Can I Make My Smart TV Faster?

There are a couple of ways in which you can clear the TV’s memory and make it run faster. However, these ways may be different for different types of televisions. Therefore, you would have to be a little flexible with the steps given below, as your TV might have different names of the same options.

The first method is that you can try discharging your TV. It is also called cold booting the TV. This method is pretty effective in clearing the TV’s cache. You can learn about it by reading these steps:

  1. You have to turn on your TV.
  2. Press the power button for a couple of seconds. Keep it pressed as the TV turns off.
  3. Keep the power button pressed as the TV reboots itself.

This clears out the TV’s cache and allows it to load apps at a faster rate, allowing you to enjoy your content with greater ease. Make sure to check your TV’s manual as there may be a different method to cold booting your TV. However, the steps might be similar; just the buttons to press could be different.

How Can I Make My Samsung TV Faster?

Samsung TVs can also be made to run faster by using the same method given above. Cold booting is an effective method for most TVs. However, if you do not have a remote to carry out the steps above, you can follow the steps given below. These steps explain a remote-less way to cold boot your Samsung TV.

  1. Unplug your TV from the outlet and wait for a minute.
  2. Plug it back into the outlet and turn it on.
  3. The memory cache has just been cleared. You can now enjoy faster loading and start-up times.

How Can I Make My LG TV Faster? 

The cold booting method is also applicable to LG TVs. If you have not updated the TVs software in a while, then try doing that first. However, if nothing changes, you can try to cold boot the TV using the same steps that are described in two of the sections above.

You can also try to have your model cleaned and examined by a professional. This is sure to increase its speed, especially if you are in a really damp area (near the sea) as it can affect the TV’s components. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!


TVs are a great form of entertainment; however, they can be a huge bother if buffering and start-up times keep on increasing as time goes on. You can explore some great ways to increase your TV’s speed via this article.