10 Ways To Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Samsung TV

There is no shadow of a doubt that Amazon Prime Video is a wonderful service through which you can access loads of different programs and TV shows. But, just like every piece of technology, sometimes you can run into an issue that you don’t know how to love.

How to make Prime Video work on Samsung TV? Uninstall and reinstall the app. Go to Settings⇒Application Manager⇒Prime Video ⇒Uninstall, then reinstall the app. Power reset your TV. Turn your TV off, unplug it from the wall, wait for 1-2 minutes, plug it back in. Sign out and sign back into the app. Clear the TV’s cache. Turn the TV off. Hold the power button for about 20 seconds on your remote.

Today we are going to explain how you can tackle the problem of a Prime Video icon appearing on your Samsung TV screen, but then, instead of loading, your screen is black and nothing is happening. Check out the list of the best streaming devices on Amazon now!

Reasons Why Amazon Prime Video Is Not Working on Samsung TV

Before we begin, let’s talk about the most common reasons why the problem with watching Prime Video occurred in the first place.

  • Insufficient memory on your TV. Uninstall the apps you are not using and clear all cache.
  • Your TV’s software is out-of-date. Check for the available updates on your Samsung TV.
  • Poor internet connection. You can fix this by unplugging your router, then disconnecting and reconnecting it again.
  • Your account might be inactive. Make sure your subscription to the service is active.
  • Problems with the app. Try uninstalling and installing the Amazon Prime app by pressing the Home button⇒More Apps. Try logging in/out as well as exiting the app and closing it from your background apps, then restarting the app again.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Samsung TV Issue

Now that we have figured out what caused your Prime Video application to stop working properly, we can move on to solutions. Here is the list of things to try out:

1. Clear Cache

This tends to be the most common reason why your Prime Video fails to work on your Samsung TV. Each time we interact with the TV or resume watching the movie from where we left off,  the memory is slowly getting filled with information that is cached by different programs you are using.

  • Turn on your Samsung TV
  • Press the Home button on your remote control
  • Go to Settings ⇒ Apps ⇒ System Apps
  • Select the app whose cache you want to clear
  • Select Clear cache
  • Confirm by clicking OK


  • Turn the TV off
  • Hold the power button for about 20 seconds on your remote and the TV cache will be cleared

2. Clear Your TV’s Memory

This method has also proven to be very effective and quick to perform. If you are using your Amazon Prime Video a lot, it is worth clearing the space on your TV and uninstalling any program that you are not really using.

3. Check Your Network

First, let’s make sure that your network is up and running. Keep in mind, your internet connection should be at least 900 Kbits/sec for Standard Definition (SD) video and 3.5 Mbits/sec for High Definition (HD) videos.

If you’re using Wi-Fi, you can also try to place your streaming device and internet router closer together. Here are the steps to check your network connection:

  • Unplug your modem, router, TV
  • Wait for about 1 minute
  • Plug them back in

Once you plug everything back in, establish the internet connection and try to use your Amazon Prime, if it didn’t help, continue reading.

4. Reinstall Prime Video App

This piece of advice is also high on our priority list since it is easy to try and also pretty effective, so here goes.

Go to SettingsApplication ManagerPrime VideoUninstall. Restart your TV, then reinstall the app.

Removing the app will also help to get rid of all the unnecessary cache files that could have been interfering with the app.

In order to restart your Prime Video app, hold the Select and Play buttons for a few seconds to make the device restart.

5. Reboot Your TV

This step is pretty easy to implement, so let’s try to do that and see if you got any luck. A good old reboot can do wonders believe me.

  • Press and continue holding the power button on your remote control for about 5 seconds until the TV restarts
  • If the problem persists, unplug the TV from the wall altogether. Then press the power button on the TV, and release it
  • Wait for 2 minutes, plug the TV’s power cord back in

6. Check For Active Downloads/VPNs

Sometimes you can have a really good speedy Internet connection and WiFi, but this Wifi can be taken up by downloading other things and not be powerful enough to handle the Amazon Prime Video.

Make sure that nobody is gaming/streaming/ downloading big files while you are trying to use the app.

Turn off all the VPNs you might be using, they can stop the app from working as well.

7. Check For Amazon Prime Video Updates

It might be the case that your Prime Video app didn’t get updated for some reason, so updating it might help a lot. You can set your TV to update all the apps automatically, or check specifically for the Amazon Prime app.

Here is how to update your Prime Video app on Samsung TV:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Support (left corner of the settings screen).
  • Select Software Update.
  • Set Your Samsung Smart TV to Update Automatically.

8. Check Your TV’s Software Updates

Once you’ve made sure your Prime Video App is updated, this is the next thing to try. The problem with the TV’s software might occur, so we should rule this one out too by checking if there is something that needs doing.

The process might differ from TV to TV, but here is a general guideline for Samsung TV.

  • Go to Settings Support.
  • Select Software Update ⇒ Update.
  • New updates will be downloaded and installed on your TV. It usually takes a few minutes, do not turn off the TV until the update is complete.

9. Check Your Location Settings

If your TV’s location is incorrect, you might not have access to the series and movies you want to watch, so make sure you go to SettingsLocation and check if your location matches your actual location.

10. Factory Reset Your TV

If nothing else works, try to factory reset your TV. Bear in mind, it will erase all the files you had on your TV.

The steps might differ a bit depending on your TV model, here is how to do it on Samsung TV.

Go to SettingsGeneral ⇒ Reset ⇒ enter your PIN (0000 is the default), then select Reset ⇒ Click OK.

Also, check if you are using the right HDMI cable if you happened to use one. If you watch  HD content, the cable needs to be rated at least HDCP 1.4, and if you watch  4K content, you’ll need an HDCP 2.2 HDMI cable.

Why Is My Amazon Prime Saying “Something Went Wrong”?

The first and most common issue is a poor internet connection. There might also be an issue with your network or a conflict with one of the settings in one of the apps. Here is what you can do to fix that.

  • Clear the cache. Hold down the power button on your remote for 20 seconds, it clears the cache.
  • Unplug your router. Then disconnecting and reconnecting it again.
  • Reinstall Amazon Prime Video. Press the Home button ⇒More Apps. Once the installation is complete, try launching the app.
  • Reset your SmartHub. After resetting SmartHub hold down the TV remote power button for about 15 seconds to reset the TV. You can update the software on your router or try to log in again into both your Samsung and Amazon accounts. If nothing works, try to factory reset your TV.

How do I Update Amazon Prime on my Samsung Smart TV?

Here is how you can update your Amazon Prime app on your Samsung TV. You can also set up your Samsung Smart TV so it updates automatically and you don’t need to bother checking for updates all the time.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Support (left corner of the Settings screen).
  • Select Software Update.
  • Set Your Samsung Smart TV to Update Automatically.

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I hope the tips above will help you solve the problem you are having with your Prime video app.

This problem is far not the worst one out there, as we discussed, clearing your cache should do the trick for you. And remember to always keep an eye on whether you have enough memory on your TV.

Reinstall the application if everything else has failed to work.