What To Do When Disney Plus Isn’t Working On Wi-Fi?(8 Tips)

Disney Plus typically works on WIFI to give subscribers access to all content that Disney has ever produced. You can experience serious interruption if the app stops working on your Wi-Fi connection. However, due to our experience, we can help you fix it.

What to do when Disney Plus isn’t working on Wi-Fi? Check your WI-FI connection, verify your internet speed, use a wired Ethernet connection, and disable devices that use a lot of bandwidth. If necessary, power cycle your devices, use VPN or reset VPN locating setting, reset your mobile network connection or WI-FI modem, and contact Disney Plus customer service.

If you are a victim of Wi-Fi connection issues, you might see error 42. Keep reading for simple ways to fix this issue. Check out the list of the best streaming devices on Amazon now!

Does Disney Plus Run on Wi-Fi?

Yes, Disney Plus runs on Wi-Fi. So, if yours is not working on it, something is amiss. You should troubleshoot the reason and fix it.

Why is Disney Plus Not Working on Wi-Fi?

Let us first tell you about the reasons why the issue with your Disney Plus and the WiFi occurs, and then we will get straight to the troubleshooting tips.

Weak WiFi Signal

If your Disney Plus has refused to work on Wi-Fi, your connection might not have met the internet requirements. For High Definition content, you require at least 5.0 Mbps. However, for 4K UHD content, you need 25.0 Mbps.

Physical Obstructions

In most cases, Wi-Fi is weaker than wired Internet connections. Physical obstructions often limit the transmission of signals in wireless settings. Electronic devices can also interfere with the transmission of signals.

This usually happens when nearby devices begin to compete with your streaming device for bandwidth. The distance from the router or source of the internet also determines the stability of the connection.

Router Issues

Your router could be blocking Disney Plus. The app can’t connect to the Disney Plus servers whenever this happens.

Location Issues

The location availability is another primary reason your Disney Plus might have refused to work on WIFI. If you see error code 73, the service is unavailable in your current location. It’s also possible that you are using the wrong VPN location setting.

Software Issues

Software bugs or corrupted cache data can also hinder Disney Plus from working on Wi-Fi.

Why is My Router Blocking Disney Plus?

Your router primarily blocks Disney Plus during periods of high activity. Remember, many people often share Wi-Fi. As soon as the router detects it can’t withstand the load, it can block Disney Plus and other services.

What To Do When Disney Plus isn’t Working On Wi-Fi?

When Disney Plus isn’t working on Wi-Fi, you should do the following to fix it:

1. Check Your WIFI Connection

If your Disney Plus won’t work on Wi-Fi, the internet connection is probably not working. So, before you do anything, use one of the many methods out there to test this. For starters, you can try watching any content on a different website, such as YouTube. Alternatively, check for the Wi-Fi signal strength icon at your device’s top.

If you detect that your connection is not working, do this:

  1. Turn off your cable modem and WIFI router.
  2. Wait for at least two minutes.
  3. Turn on the modem and router.
  4. Wait for approximately 10 minutes for the connection to reestablish.
  5. Test the connection.

2. Verify Speed

Please note that the Disney Plus won’t work on WI-FI if the internet download speed is slower than 5 Mbps. So, use a trusted internet speed test site to ascertain the speed. For the most accurate result, do this using the same device where you noticed the problem or saw the connection error.

 3. Use Wired Ethernet Connection

If you’ve used the above tips yet the connection remains slow, try doing this:

  • Move your streaming device or router to reduce the transmission distance.
  • Remove obstructions between the router and the streaming device.
  • Shut off electronic devices such as cordless phones, fans, and microwaves that are near your tablet, phone, computer, and TV (You can move them away to limit interference).

If none of these strategies succeeds, shift from wireless to wired Ethernet connection.

4. Disable Devices that Use Too Much Bandwidth

If you’ve connected other devices on the network, temporarily disable them. This is also an essential strategy if you are using a public network. Shift to a private network. Alternatively, try using WIFI when the network is least loaded.

5. Power Cycle Your Devices

It would help if you power cycled your streaming device and network hardware. To do this, you should:

  • Entirely shut the two devices down.
  • Unplug the power cable from the outlet.
  • Wait for at least one minute.
  • Hook everything back up.

6. Diagnose whether It’s a Location Issue

If you receive error code 73, you don’t have to diagnose the issue. However, if you aren’t sure, you can move on to the steps:

  • Search the title you are trying to watch to determine whether it’s available in your country.
  • Find out whether you are using a VPN. Consider using one of the services that are not available in your country.
  • Check your VPN location setting and reset it.

7. Reset your Mobile Network Connection Or WI-FI Modem

Check whether you are using a VPN. If you are, reset your location settings. You may need a VPN if you are browsing from a place where the service is unavailable.

Test the service to see whether you’ve fixed the issue. If you haven’t, try the following:

  • Update the Disney Plus app.
  • Update your streaming device.
  • Clear your Disney Plus app cache.
  • If necessary, delete and reinstall the app.

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8. Contact Disney Plus Customer Service

If you have a fast, high-speed internet connection and have followed all the above steps, then an issue on Disney’s end could be the cause of this issue.

So, at this point, you can reach out to Disney Plus customer service and let them know that the service isn’t working on WIFI. Moreover, share the troubleshooting tips you have used, if required. They’ll fix it or give you professional advice on how to go about this matter. Check out the list of the best streaming devices on Amazon now!


Since slow internet and other internet connectivity issues are the most common reasons Disney Plus won’t work on Wi-Fi, our goal has been to rule out any hardware and software issues. If you have a stable Wi-Fi connection and have followed all the above steps, reach out to Disney and ask them to fix it from their end.