2 Simple Ways To Sideload Apps On Your Amazon Firestick

Are you bored operating the same apps on your Amazon Firestick daily?

Even though Amazon customers are restricted from using sources other than the Amazon app store on the Firestick, there are still ways to bypass Amazon security and download newer apps.

Apps that would otherwise not be available to you on your TV.

The act of downloading apps from sources other than the Amazon app store is called “sideloading.” Read about “sideloading” apps into your Firestick device down below!

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Can We Install Android Apps On Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, anyone can install apps on their Amazon Firestick.

It is completely safe to sideload apps onto the Firestick as there are no hacking or jail breaking processes involved in the act of sideloading.

You would be simply bypassing the security features on your Firestick to enable yourself to download apps from sources other than the Amazon app store.

Before you go ahead and sideload apps onto your device, you need to make sure that the third-party apps are compatible with your device and TV.

For example, if you sideload an app meant for a mobile device/Android device, it will not work properly on your Firestick.

It is likely to crash repeatedly, and you will see random bugs while running the app.

Therefore, it is advised to sideload apps that are meant for TV devices.

That way, they will work with the TV remote and the TV interface.

Other than compatibility, it is completely safe to download apps on your Firestick.

After all, the device is meant to have apps and run them on your TV.

Furthermore, you would not interfere with or change the operating system’s source code during this process; therefore, it is okay to sideload apps onto the Firestick.

Below is a complete step-by-step guide on how to sideload apps onto your Amazon Firestick.

How To Sideload Apps On Amazon Fire Stick?

The first thing you need to do is prepare your Firestick for the sideloading process.

This first action involves enabling a couple of options from the settings that hinder you from downloading apps from the web.

Follow these short steps to get through the first phase of the sideloading process.

  1. From the “Home Menu,” select the “Settings” option. It is likely to be located at the top of your Firestick home interface.
  2. In the “Settings Menu,” choose your device. It will be labeled as “Firestick” or “Fire TV.”
  3. Select the option called “Developer’s options” in the new set of options that have popped up.
  4. Enable the option labeled as “Apps from Unknown Sources.” This option will now allow you to download apps from sources other than the app store.
  5. Go through the warning messages and accept all of them.

After finishing this initial phase, your Firestick is now ready to actually download a few apps from the web.

There are a couple of methods to sideload apps onto your Firestick.

We have explained the two best methods down below.

Both options involve downloading a third-party app first and then downloading other apps.

The first option does not require any other devices, but the second option requires an external Android device.

Option 1: Downloader

The best option for sideloading apps is through another app called “Downloader.”

It is a simple app and can be found on the Amazon app store.

The steps below take you through the entire process of sideloading apps onto your Firestick via the Downloader app.

  1. From the Amazon Firestick App Store, you must download the app named “Downloader.” Write the name in the search bar and click on the one that looks the most credible (i.e., with the most reviews).
  2. Install the program by clicking on the download button. The app will download and automatically install itself onto your Firestick’s interface.
  3. Open the app and familiarize yourself with the app’s interface. There are two ways to download the apps you want through Downloader. You can either enter the URL of the APK file that you want (and have copied it), or you can search for an APK URL through the browser on the Downloader app.
  4. You must be careful when downloading apps from sites you do not know. We recommend using trustworthy sites like “APK mirror” to locate URLs for APKs you want. This way, you will not end up downloading any malicious content from a third-party website.
  5. After you type in the URL (that ends in .apk) or have found the URL you want to download through the browser, you need to select the file that shows up on the screen.
  6. Once you have selected the file, the app will automatically download it onto your Firestick.
  7. If the app is compatible, you get to enjoy a new app on your device. This completes the sideloading process.

Option 2: Using an Android Phone

This option allows you to use an Android phone to send an app to your Firestick. Follow the steps below for more detail on the option.

  1. Download the app “apps2fire” onto your Android. Make sure you download the most credible app on the store. There are a couple of fake apps on the store, so you have to make sure you download the one made by “Koni.”
  2. Download the app you want to send to the Firestick from the play store on to your Android device. Download this app normally without doing anything to apps2fire.
  3. Find the IP address of your Firestick device by going to its “settings” options and then selecting the “About Network” options. Write down the IP address from this page onto a paper.
  4. In the apps2fire app, you must select “setup” and initiate the sending process. Enter the IP address in the app and select the “Search Fire TV/stick” option.
  5. After the setup is complete, and the app has found your Firestick, you can go to the list of local apps in the apps2fire interface and select the app you want to send.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and observe that the app would be uploaded to your Firestick shortly. This might take some time. However, after some time, you can see the app would be installed in your Firestick.

Can You Download Apps On Firestick Without A Credit Card?

Even though you need a credit card for the “one-click” option in the Amazon app store, you do not need a credit card for sideloading.

All the steps explained above do not require the use of a credit card to complete a download.

You can follow the steps above and enjoy free apps on your Firestick today! Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!


With all the restrictions between corporations, their users are suffering as they do not get to use some of the most famous apps on their devices.

Using the sideloading process, you can learn to get any apps on your Firestick TV without paying anything for them!

Follow the processes explained in the article to learn the process of “sideloading.”