Do You Need Amazon Fire Stick If You Have A Smart TV?(+Setup Guide)

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has been a standout product for many households in recent years. It has revolutionized the phenomenon of streaming; however, its purpose is very similar to that of a smart TV.

Do You Need Amazon FireStick If You Have A Smart TV? Smart TVs do not need to be paired with a streaming device to work. However, they are usually limited to working with its set of pre-installed apps. Therefore, if you want to access a higher quality of the content at better speeds, then you should use a dedicated streaming device, like the Amazon Fire Stick. 

Many consumers are concerned about the need for a Fire Stick since all their streaming purposes may already be served by their smart TV. This article explains the different circumstances in which having a Fire Stick may prove to be beneficial (or useless) for smart TV owners. Check out some of the best  Fire Stick bundles on Amazon now!

How the Fire Stick Works and How to Set it Up

  1. Take your Amazon Fire Stick and its remote out of its package and insert some batteries into the remote.
  2. Insert the USB cable into the fire stick, and then plug in the other end to the USB port inside your TV. The USB cable only serves to charge and power up the device. The main data transfer would take place through the HDMI.
  3. Insert the HDMI connector inside your TV’s HDMI port.
  4. In your TV, open the sources section and select the correct HDMI screen to access the Fire Stick.
  5. Then turn on your remote and pair it with the fire stick by pressing and holding the home button for a couple of minutes (usually more than five).
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen and log in to your Amazon account. You do not need to have an Amazon Prime account for this to work; you just need a regular Amazon account.

You do not need to worry if you own an older model and do not have an HDMI or a USB port on your screen. The Fire Stick box comes with an adapter that allows the device to be charged by connecting it to an electrical port around the house.

The USB port would no longer be needed since the charging has been taken care of manually; now, all you need is a converter/adapter that allows your VGA/AV TV port to accept HDMI devices.

Once you plug in that adapter, you can then plug in the Fire Stick by following the HDMI connection steps listed above.

The older models may not support the 1080p resolution on the Fire Stick. In this case, the viewers are urged to go to the settings and lower the resolution to 720p.

The lower resolution is going to allow the device to run smoothly on an older TV.

Now that the basic setup is complete, you can access the world of online TV in a matter of seconds in your everyday life. We can now answer the question relating to the Fire Stick’s purpose if you already have a smart TV.

What Does a Firestick Do For a Smart TV?

Even though a smart TV can be used to access the internet, its capabilities are so minuscule compared to a dedicated streaming device like the Amazon Firestick. The Fire Stick does transform an older, non-smart TV into a smart Tv, but it can also transform a smart TV into an even “smarter TV.”

A dedicated streaming device has a better interface, a better processor, more streaming content, the capability to connect to games and other platforms (like YouTube), sharing capabilities, and multiple other added services.

Smart TVs do not usually support as many apps as your mobile or laptop device can. It has a limited processor and a pre-installed set of apps that the user can work with. Usually, one of those pre-installed apps is “Netflix,” so the user does not complain a lot about the smart TV’s capabilities.

However, if you are looking to access niche content at a better speed, then a dedicated streaming device (like the Amazon Fire Stick) may be a good option.

Samsung Smart TVs do not even have YouTube in their store, which is enough reason to shift to an Amazon Fire Stick!

What is the Point of a Fire Stick if You Have a Smart TV?

A Fire Stick will elevate the interface of the smart TV allowing the user to access more content with greater control. The users can opt for models of Fire Stick that have Alexa pre-installed in them for voice-control access.

The TV companies are so busy perfecting the TV model that they do not pay enough attention to the content offered on it. It is cumbersome to make deals with streaming companies.

Therefore, producers usually stick to the basics, such as Netflix.

Amazon and Google are companies that already have deals with content providers and can provide viewers with quality content through their dedicated streaming devices.

Therefore, if you want a seamless experience with a much higher quality of content, then we urge you to buy a Fire Stick to pair with your Smart TV. At such low rates, it may just be a bargain for the future!

Why Do You Need a Streaming Device if you Have a Smart TV?

A streaming device is going to give viewers a better overall experience via giving higher quality content at better speeds. The inferior processors in Smart TVs usually give a lagging experience that is undesirable.

All of that can be removed by attaching the TV to a Firestick. Along with the better quality of content, the amount of content also increases. Viewers can finally explore all the niche categories that they want to. The Firestick also gives a higher amount of control to the users.

Do I Need an Amazon Fire Stick with a Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung TVs are even more restricted compared to other smart TVs because they have a very low number of apps. Their store does not even have YouTube.

To tackle these problems and the problems listed above, it is better to use a Fire Stick with a Samsung TV. However, there is no such need for a dedicated streaming device if the users want to access Netflix only.

How to Connect a Fire Stick to a Smart TV?

The TV can be connected via an HDMI cable as explained below:

  1. Insert the USB cable to the Fire Stick and the TV in order to power up the device.
  2. Connect the device and the TV via an HDMI cable.
  3. Access the streaming device by going to the “sources” section on your TV and clicking the “HDMI” option.
  4. Put some batteries in the remote and start the pairing process. Hold the home button on the Amazon remote to do this successfully.
  5. Log in to your Amazon account to access and experience the device’s capabilities.


Today we have discussed the topic of whether you should get a streaming device on top of owning a smart TV. It isn’t really necessary since smart TVs have quite a few apps you can use to watch your favorite channels.

However, streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick are going to make your overall smart TV experience much better!