How To Quickly Install & Watch ESPN+ On Firestick?

Sports is considered to be the best form of entertainment in some parts of the world, and services like ESPN+ aim to enhance the viewer’s experience.

The Firestick is a brilliant way to gain access to this premium sports streaming app. You can find out about how you can get this app on your Firestick device by reading the steps below. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Is ESPN Available On Firestick?

The short answer to this question is “yes.” ESPN and ESPN+ both have apps that are available on the Amazon app store. This store can be accessed very easily through the Firestick home page. More steps on this method are explained in the heading labeled “how to download ESPN+ on Firestick?”

However, you must have a couple of things sorted before you can actually start watching ESPN+ on your TV. You must have a compatible TV (for your Firestick) and an ESPN+ subscription. Many smart TVs are compatible with Amazon’s Firestick device. If your current TV works fine with the Firestick, then it’ll be just fine with the ESPN+ app as well. For the subscription, you can follow the “sign-up” steps explained below.

How To Download ESPN+ On Firestick?

There are plenty of ways to download the ESPN+ app from the internet. However, the app is available on the Amazon app store, so you do not have to make much of an effort in order to get the app onto your device. You can also go for the “third party” download options that utilize apps like “downloader.” We have explained the easiest method for you in the steps below:

  1. Click on the small icon of a magnifying glass that is on the home screen of your Firestick. This is the “search box,” and it’s going to find your app for you.
  2. Type in the name of your desired app. In this case, it’s “ESPN+.” It will show all the relevant apps.
  3. Click on the app with the ESPN logo and then click on the “get” button to install the app on to your device.
  4. The app will automatically download. You will be able to see it on your home screen once it has finished downloading.

How To Sign Up For ESPN+ On Firestick?

Follow these easy steps to sign up and subscribe to ESPN+:

  1. You can open the app or open the ESPN+ website from any other device. The steps will be similar for both of these options.
  2. If you want to subscribe to ESPN+ only, then click on that option. You can also click on the other option to get a bundle with Disney+ and Hulu.
  3. Fill in the empty spaces with your name, email address, and other relevant details. These will be your login credentials.
  4. Pick a payment option and pay for the app.
  5. You would have successfully signed up to ESPN+ after the payment had been processed.

How To Watch ESPN+ On Firestick?

Login to the account you have created following the steps above on the ESPN+ app you have downloaded. If you have a valid subscription date and everything is in order, then you can start streaming immediately. If you want to watch for free, then you can refer to the next question.

How To Watch ESPN On A Firestick For Free?

You can watch ESPN for free on your Firestick device by following the “sideloading” method or the “third-party downloading” method. This method allows you to install apps that are not on the Amazon app store. You can download the “Kodi” app through “downloader.” For a complete guide regarding this, you can read our blogs about third-party apps on Firestick devices.

After you have Kodi installed, you must add a couple of other addons to stream ESPN+ on your TV. “FTFA” and “Vaderstreams” are popular addons that can be added through the “file manager” from the homepage of the Kodi app on your Firestick. It is a complex process, but you can watch the stream for free after you have achieved that! Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!


Sports streaming is the future of entertainment, and your Firestick has got it all covered already! You just need to use these steps to gain access to ESPN+ and all of its glorious content! The article also explains third-party downloads so that you can stream ESPN+ for free. However, these are third-party methods, so you are advised to take caution. Sometimes you may infect your Firestick with a virus if you download the wrong file from the web.