How To Get Disney Plus To Work On Firestick?(6 Easy Ways)

Disney Plus has risen through the ranks against its fierce competitors like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

The entertainment streaming platform is available to download and use on all devices, including Google Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon’s Fire devices.

How to get Disney Plus to work on Amazon Firestick? Check Disney Plus server status, test other shows and movies, clear data and cache and re-login, reboot your Firestick device, check your internet connection, update Firestick and Disney Plus.

While the application is settling reasonably well with its customers, it has become unpopular after causing Firestick users some problems.

This article is dedicated to navigate through the most common Firestick and Disney Plus issues and list all possible solutions. Check out the list of the best streaming devices on Amazon now!

Does Disney Plus work On Amazon Fire Stick?

Is Disney Plus available to Firestick users to stream and enjoy? Yes! Does the application work perfectly on Fire sticks? Not really.

Reports suggest that Disney plus kept everyone on their toes before finally announcing that the entertainment streaming service will be accessible on most Amazon Fire devices.

Later, Disney confirmed that Disney plus would be downloadable on Fire sticks, Fire tablets, Fire TVs, etc.

However, the question remains whether Disney plus runs flawlessly on Fire devices like the Firestick.

Ever since the launch, mutual customers of both Amazon Fire sticks and Disney plus have navigated through different bugs and issues.

While the problems one may face are considerable, there is nothing unsolvable.

This article will hopefully address all the potential queries you may have.

Why Does Disney Plus Say Unavailable On Firestick?

Ever since the launch, many users have reported the issue of Disney plus being “unavailable” on their Firestick.

They are a few main recurring reasons which may be causing this issue.

  • The most probable cause is the incompatibility of Disney plus with your Firestick’s model version. It is possible that an old Firestick model may not run the latest version of Disney, plus you might find it on the apps store.
  • Similarly, Disney plus might not be offering its streaming services in your country. It is common to see the “unavailable” message or not find the application on the apps store at all. Check whether the country you live in supports Disney plus. If not, we suggest downloading the application through a third-party installer like APK.
  • An even more annoying case would be that your ISP has blocked or banned Disney Plus’s services. You should call your ISP and inquire about details. If they do not budge, shift to some other internet service. A weak internet connection can also cause such errors.
  • This reason is probably the most unlikely. However, it has happened before and could be the culprit behind your worries. Disney plus and its service may be down and not functioning. A similar incident took place on the day the streaming service was launched to the local public. We suggest going to DownDetector’s website to see if anyone else is facing the problem at that current time. Sadly, all left for you to do is wait for Disney plus to get its engines running again.

How Do I Get Disney Plus To Work On My Firestick?

So far, we have discussed the potential reasons that may cause problems to your Disney Plus streaming on a Firestick.

Let us get straight down to the solutions.

Check Disney Plus server status: Knowing Disney Plus fairly well now, the first thing you should check is the status of the servers at Disney Plus.

To do so, you can use third-party sites like Down Detector.

It has a clean and easy-to-understand interface and is considered reliable by users worldwide.

Test other shows and movies: If you cannot stream a particular show or movie on Disney Plus, we suggest testing whether other shows or movies are running on the application.

It is common to find listings that become unplayable for some time after running into random bugs and problems.

If only a particular show or movie is not working, you should report the issue through the app.

Clearing data and cache and re-logging in: Data corruption could also be causing issues in your Disney Plus application.

To fix this, try re-logging into your application.

Log out from the settings and re-enter your credentials to log in.

Wait a few minutes in between.

In case this step does not apply to you, repeat the process with a few changes.

This time, try clearing the cache and data on your Disney Plus application.

Go to Settings and click on Applications.

Choose Disney Plus and click the options labeled Clear Cache and Clear Data. Hopefully, this solves your problem.

Reboot your Firestick device: The next step is to try restarting the Firestick device.

We recommend doing it through the device.

Click on Settings and click on the Device tab. Select the restart option there to wait for your Firestick to reboot.

Fire up the Disney Plus app once everything is up and running.

Check your internet connection: If neither method discussed above works, it is time to test your internet connection.

Start by running a speed test using or Ookla Speed Test to see the actual download speed of your Wi-Fi.

Disney Plus requires a minimum speed of 5 Mbps to allow seamless streaming.

Reboot your Wi-Fi modem if your internet speed is below this. If the network issues persist, get your ISP involved.

Update Firestick and Disney Plus: As discussed earlier in this article, incompatibility could contribute to the problem you are facing.

Therefore, in this step, we recommend updating your Disney Plus app as well as your Firestick.

To update your Disney Plus app, press the Menu button after highlighting the app on your main screen.

Select More Info and click Update and install the relevant updates if available.

To update your Firestick, go to Settings and select the Device or Firestick option.

Navigate through About and click Check for Updates. Install all updates available to you from the screen and reboot your Firestick device.

In case none of these methods work for you, you should reach out to the customer support networks of either Disney Plus or Firestick. Check out the list of the best streaming devices on Amazon now!


Issues and problems related to technologies can become exhausting to solve.

It isn’t very pleasant to not know where to start when trying to fix a simple entertainment streaming application.

We hope this article not only gives you a starting point, but allows you to resolve your worries without much hassle.