What To Do When Fire Stick Is Stuck On Updating?

Did you also hear about Amazon’s new Fire Stick and couldn’t resist getting your hands on it?

However, now your device is stuck on the ‘downloading latest software’ screen.

Fire Stick does sometimes encounter such problems, and while the Amazon team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix, there is no ETA as of yet.

Nevertheless, there are a bunch of hacks you could try in order to resolve this issue.

If your Amazon Fire TV Stick is similarly stuck, this article will provide you with a variety of solutions to fix it once and for all. Keep reading along.

Why Is Fire Stick Stuck On Updating?

As mentioned before, there is no set reason as to why this happens, and thus there is no universal fix.

However, as per research, 90% of chances are that the issue is occurring from the user’s end, so the following can be plausible causes:

  • Network glitches
  • Buffering issues
  • App crashes
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Adapter failure
  • Poor remote function
  • Fire Stick’s incompatibility with the router

How Long Does It Take To Download The Latest Software On Fire Stick?

If you’re installing the newest software update on your Fire TV Stick, it could take as little as 5 to 15 minutes.

The majority of the time is spent updating apps and configuring your Amazon and other app accounts.

However, this is wholly reliant on the user’s Internet connection.

It is recommended that you have a broadband Internet connection, in case of mobile data, ensure you have an adequate Data plan to access these streaming sites.

With flaky internet, it might take you up to 30 minutes for installation.

When updating, a notification will appear on the screen stating that the device is updating its software.

You are cautioned against unplugging the power outlet while the Amazon Fire Stick is upgrading, as doing so will abort the process.

What To Do When Fire Stick Is Stuck On Updating?

As mentioned before, there is no one fixed solution to go about this.

However, there are a number of things that you can try out, and we have listed them all below.

So, let’s get fixing!

1. Rebooting your Fire Stick

Rebooting your Fire Stick refreshes the device’s memory, which may have encountered issues when executing commands or being stuck owing to incorrect commands.

If you have a Fire Stick with a remote, grab that remote.

Press and hold these two buttons, at the same time, for around 5-seconds.

This will reboot the Fire Stick:

  • Select button (the circle button)
  • The Play/Pause button. 

Tip: You can also try unplugging your Fire Stick from your TV, then unplug the TV from the wall, let it be unplugged for about 2 minutes, then plug everything back in. This will reset both your TV and your streaming stick.

2. Resolving Connectivity Issues

Internet access is essential to determine whether your network is compatible with streaming services.

Typically, a speed test is advised to confirm that the internet is functioning properly.

You could try restarting the Wi-Fi connections or reconnecting to the internet.

3. Reducing the Distance between the Network Adapter and Fire Stick

Due to the distance between the Stick and the wireless router, slow connections are possible.

A longer distance can limit its functionality and cause update problems.

It causes the equipment to become immobile and reduces its speed.

4. Checking Fire Stick’s Compatibility with the Router

Verify that the Fire Stick is compatible with the wireless router.

Both the Fire Stick and the internet router should be the latest available models.

This increases the likelihood that they will collaborate.

5. Verifying the HDMI Connections

A malfunctioning port can result in multiple Fire Stick difficulties.

Always confirm that a functional port is selected and that the Fire Stick is correctly inserted.

Optionally, the short cable that provides an HDMI insertion point can be utilized.

This has the extra benefit of creating space.

6. Using Fire TV Remote

The issue can also be resolved by pressing and holding the Back and Menu buttons (the button with three horizontal lines) for approximately two seconds on the Fire TV Remote.

7. Resetting to Factory Settings

This option should be chosen if none of the other alternatives could solve the problem.

The command restores Fire Stick to its factory-default configuration and resolves any remaining issues.

However, previous applications and programs may require reinstallation.

8. Contacting the Support Team

If none of the suggested solutions worked for you, your only option is to contact the official support team, explain the situation, and wait for them to get in touch.

How To Bypass Forced Software Update On Fire TV?

Amazon periodically releases new upgrades for its gadgets.

The majority of these updates pertain to device security or the addition of new functionality to Fire Stick.

To prevent software upgrades, you must root your Fire TV.

If not, utilize one of the following alternative techniques:

  • You can connect via the ADB protocol to your Fire TV.
  • You can execute the database with the command ADB shell.
  • In Fire OS 3, you can disable Amazon.com.dcp by using the command pm disable com.amazon.dcp.
  • You can discontinue by executing the exit command.
  • You can stop it by executing the exit command.

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Maintaining the functionality of Fire Sticks requires ensuring that all hardware components are in good shape.

Additionally, it is recommended to do regular software upgrades.

This is considered to boost its operational efficiency.

Follow the advised solutions if you encounter a problem, and your device should function as expected.