What To Do When Fire TV Won’t Respond To The Remote?

Are you also tired of the unresponsiveness of your TV to its remote? Then, you must be wondering about the solutions when Fire TV does not respond to the remote!

Resolving the possible issues of battery, remote pairing, distance and obstruction, interferences, and compatibility are some of the things that you could opt for if your Fire TV does not respond to the remote. 

If your TV is not responding to the remote, firstly you need to figure out the reason for its unresponsiveness, and then you can choose your solution accordingly.

This article will help you gain an understanding of potential problems and their solutions.

Why Is Fire TV Not Responding to the Remote?

There are several possible reasons why your Fire TV is not responding to the remote.

Let us delve deeper into each of the problems. 

  • Problems with the batteries
  • Pairing problems 
  • Distance and Hindrance Problems
  • Interference problems
  • Compatibility Problems

Let us have a deeper understanding of all these potential problems.

Battery Related Issues

It is very usual that once the original batteries of your remote have expired, you will replace them with cheap quality batteries, because of which you will notice that your fire TV has become less responsive to the remote.

Cheap batteries leak battery acid onto the connectors of your Fire TV remote, causing chalky residue to form on the connectors, resulting in the blockage of current flow.

Pairing Problems 

A lot of people often forget to pair the replacement remote with their Fire remote.

Your Fire TV will not respond to the remote at all if it is not paired.

Distance And Hindrance Problems

Fire remotes have inbuilt Bluetooth for connections that can work for up to a 30 feet distance.

But if you actually try to use the remote from such a distance, the TV is unlikely to respond. 

Although you do not require a direct line of sight, if there are too many obstructions between the remote and Fire Stick, Bluetooth’s connection weakens, and this can considerably affect the range.

Compatibility Problems

Before making a purchase of your replacement remote for the Fire TV, you must check that the remote is compatible.

What to do when Fire TV won’t respond to the remote?

You don’t need to worry at all if you are facing any of the problems listed above.

Here are the simple solutions discussed in detail, making sure no query is left in your mind.

Reinsert Your Batteries 

Firstly, it’s possible that the batteries are improperly inserted.

So, just quickly take out the batteries and reinsert them according to the diagram shown inside the battery compartment.

In case the battery acid has leaked, causing chalky residue to form, don’t worry.

Take a flathead screwdriver and gently scrape the battery connectors of the remote.

Install back the batteries and the remote will be connected. 

Re Pair in Simple Steps

When you purchase a brand-new Fire TV stick, the remote will be already paired.

However, if it’s unpaired due to any certain reason, You need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Plug in your Fire stick and turn it on. 
  2. Let the TV boot up.
  3. Hold the remote near the Fire stick.
  4. Press and hold the Home button on your remote for 10 seconds. 
  5. Release the home button and Done

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Clearance of Hindrances

Obstructions can interfere with the Bluetooth of your remote, making the TV less responsive to the remote.

So, remove the objects, especially electronics, that are placed between the remote and the receiver on the Fire Stick, because the infrared signals may be blocked, causing problems with the remote operations. 

Compatibility Check

Lastly, if none of the above solutions are not working, it is likely that the replacement remote that you purchased is not compatible with your Fire Stick.

Here you should have read the description of the remote to make sure it is compatible with your model.

Mobile App

Now, going out again to the market to grab a new remote for your Fire TV is going to be time taking and sometimes frustrating.

However, there is a very quick and easy solution!

You can simply download the Fire TV app on your Android or iPhone and use it as a remote for your Fire TV.

After you have downloaded and installed the app, log in to your account, select your device, and a code will pop up on your TV.

Enter the code in your app and your phone is totally ready to operate as a remote! 

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Whenever your Fire TV won’t respond towards the remote, make sure to check your batteries, clear any hindrance between the remote and TV, re-pair the device and make sure it’s compatible.

If none of these work, you still have the option of using Fire TV’s Mobile App.