How To Fix BT Sport App? (Smart TV/FireStick/PS/Xbox/Sky)

Imagine sitting down on a Sunday night to watch your favorite match and finding out that the BT Sport App is not working. We can only sympathize with you in such a case because that must be frustrating.

How to fix the BT Sport app? Make sure you have a proper WiFi connection and your device is compatible. Delete and reinstall the app, make sure that both your app and your streaming device are updated, disconnect all unused devices. If nothing works, power cycle your TV and restore it to factory settings.

But do not worry since we have identified some reasons why the BT Sport App may not be working on various devices and how you could fix it on each one of them. Check out the best streaming sticks on Amazon that won’t let you down!

Why Can’t I Get BT Sport on my Smart TV?

The BT Sport App is compatible with several devices and services, so if you cannot get it on your Smart TV, there must be a problem you could solve.

We have explained most of the reasons in-depth below to provide a comprehensive guide and explore why you cannot get the BT Sport App on your Smart TV.

There could be a compatibility issue, non-updated version, internet connection, available bandwidth, or App being locked, to name a few problems.

Why is the BT Sport App Not Working?

Let’s figure out the reasons why your BT sport app isn’t working properly, and then get right to the solutions.

Incompatible Device

The App is compatible with all Smart TVs and services like Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, etc. If you cannot get BR Sport on your Smart TV, it is possible that your TV may be unable to support it.

Network Connectivity Issues

First and foremost, you could be encountering a network connectivity issue that hinders the performance of the BT Sport App.

Poor connectivity not only affects the picture quality, but if the device is not connected to the internet, the App may just not work.

Power Outages

BT Sports Apps commonly do not work if their servers are experiencing power outages in your area. They may temporarily have downtime and restore as soon as the team completes their work.

Multiple Devices Are Connected

Some BT subscribers have also complained about picture-breaking issues on the BT Sport App on their Smart TV. This usually occurs when multiple devices are connected to the TV on the same network.

This reduces the available bandwidth necessary for the smooth functioning of the App. BT recommends a minimum speed of 3.5 MBPS to avoid the picture-breaking issue.

App/TV is Not Updated

Another common issue with the BT Sports App is not being updated to the latest version. Alternatively, it is locked if you try to log in more than thrice consecutively.

In such a case, you would be locked out of the App for 15 minutes before being able to attempt again.

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How to Fix the BT Sport App on:

Smart TV

Try casting option

If the Smart TV does not support the BT Support App, try casting the BT content through a mobile device or computer to your TV. If that option is available, you could use the Chromecast for this or TV Mirroring.

Check the BT service status

You could also check the BT service status to ensure that the providers do not undergo any outage.

To rule out this possibility, you may also contact the service provider like the BT support team and convey your complaints about service restoration. Otherwise, you could carry out the troubleshooting steps as described below.

Power cycle the TV

Power cycling the TV seems to fix the problem most of the time. Although this varies from model to model, you would need to turn off your Smart TV and remove the power cable from the supply.

After waiting for about ten minutes, plug the power cable back into the supply.

However, you could also run a power cycle by holding the power button on the Smart TV remote for five seconds till the standby light turns off.

Then again you could turn on the TV after approximately ten minutes and check if the problem is solved.

Perform a factory reset

Another way to fix the BT Sport App is restoring factory settings for your Smart TV. This would reset the TV to default settings and fix the software glitches that may be making the app malfunction.

The process is generally the same for all Smart TVs bar a couple of models, which may require an extra step.

But it is straightforward to get the hang of factory reset as the option is generally apparent in the settings menu.

Typically you would need to open the main menu after turning the TV on (there is a button for the main menu on the TV remote that you could use to access it).

Then choose the menu option with the closest meaning to “Support” and then “Self-Diagnosis.” Next, choose the Reset option, you may be asked for a security pin to verify. After completing these steps, you would see the TV processing the reset and notify in some form once done.

Disconnect all unused devices

As shared earlier, you could also face a picture-breaking issue when many devices are connected to the same network.

They could be consuming much of the bandwidth, which adversely affects the BT Sport App. Hence, disconnect the other devices and restart your TV to experience better flow.

You could also talk to your internet service provider or access the internet consumption to see how the bandwidth is allocated to different devices. This would help you manage to free up the appropriate amount for yourself, i.e., a minimum of 3.5 MBPS.

Samsung Smart TV

Being a Smart TV, the Samsung models entail much of the same techniques as other Smart TVs described above.

However, the difference could be that a couple of menu items may have different labels or steps to achieve the same purpose.

For example, we informed that sometimes the solution to the issue might lie in updating the BT Sport App. So on a Samsung Smart TV, you can apply the update feature for all apps at once.

Click on the Smart Hub or the Home button on the Samsung Smart TV remote. Then select the “My Apps” option followed by “Options.”

Next, you would have to allow the Auto Update feature for all apps along with the BT Sport App. Once the apps are updated, you could launch the BT Sport App to verify if the problem has been solved.

Fire Stick

While not many people encounter issues frequently, the problems that sometimes arise are fixed by rebooting the router and device.

You may see a specific error code when the problem occurs, and you could use that number online to trace the issue.

To fix the BT Sport App on the Fire Stick, you could also try reinstalling the App because the cache could have corrupted.


Of course, reinstalling the App is an age-old remedy, but we can never be quite sure if that will solve the problem.

BT is still in the phase of developing a smooth experience for PS5 but hasn’t quite gotten there. So you would need to be on the lookout for the latest updates by their team to see if anything conclusive has been devised.


This is similar to PS4/5 because of the nature of a gaming console, so we cannot say much here.

But again, with the newer models, you need to look into the BT community online and see if other people are encountering similar issues. If they are, you are likely to find out if the BT team has made any progress in solving the issue.

Sky/Sky Go

With Sky/Sky Go, you may encounter subscription issues that would be resolved after getting in touch with the representative from Sky/Sky Go.

They can help determine whether you can watch through the App or BT Sports itself on Sky Go.


We hope this has given some guidance on how to fix your BT Sport App and why it is not even working in the first place.

Just in case you encounter something completely new that is not mentioned here, do not fret, and do a quick search with the error code instead. You shall find an answer.

We hope to have made a small contribution to making your sports experiences better!