How To Easily Connect Your Roku To TiVo?

Roku and TiVo are advanced streaming devices that are designed to improve your entertainment experience. You can connect them to improve your experience if you understand a few basics. We want to train you to do that.

How to connect Roku to TiVo? The only practical way to do this is to install the TiVo app on your Roku TV.

We’ve provided all the tips you require to connect and use Roku to TiVo below. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Is it Possible to Connect Roku to TiVo?

Yes. We’ve mentioned this in brief. However, you should note that your Roku and TiVo won’t work if you directly connect them. TiVo is not compatible with Roku.

However, that shouldn’t bother you since Roku is compatible with a host of other devices. So, you can still enjoy TiVo services on your Roku TV.

Are Roku and TiVo the Same Thing?

No, Roku and TiVo aren’t the same things, though they are similar in several ways. For example, you can attach them to your TV’s HDMI socket. Moreover, they use the same quad-core processors.

However, these streaming devices are not equals. Roku has a sleek interface and offers 4K, HDR, and HDR10 support. Moreover, it has thousands of apps and comes with an elegant and compact design. It’s also important to note that it lacks an extensive cable.

TiVo, on the other hand, offers live TV support and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. At the same time, it’s has a Google assistant functionality. Unlike Roku, however, its interface isn’t sleek.

Is TiVo Stream 4K the Same as Roku?

No, they aren’t. TiVo Stream 4K brings together your favorite shows and movies from Prime Video, Netflix, live TV with Sling, and much more. It eliminates the need to navigate different apps, as you can browse, search, and create watch lists across all your apps in a central location with ease.

  • The price of Roku and TiVo Stream 4K is almost the same.
  • Both of them come at approximately 50 USD. The processors are also almost the same.
  • The big difference is that Roku doesn’t have Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision.

You can also power your TiVo stream 4K by MicroUSB or USB-C. If you opt for the Roku Streaming Stick+, you should use the incorporated power cable with a built-in WiFi antenna.

How to Connect Roku to TiVo?

As we’ve seen, you can connect Roku to TiVo. The only way to do that is to install the TiVo app on your Roku TV. Remember that smart TVs allow users like you to connect to the internet and enjoy quality content from a wide variety of online sources. In other words, you can add the TiVo app on a smart Roku TV, Roku Player, or Stick connected to regular television.

Please read on for the specific steps you should follow to add the TiVo app to your Roku.

  1. Connect your Roku to WiFi.
  2. On your supplied remote, press the Home button.
  3. Go to Streaming Channels(Note that Roku uses “Streaming Channels,” to refer to their apps).
  4. Find the TiVo app. You have two ways to do this. These options are:
  5. On the left, browse through the Categories. Look for the TiVo app in the right pane.
  6. Scroll down to Search Channels. After doing that, type “TiVo” and search for this app.
  7. Once you find the app, select it and then select Add channel.
  8. Wait for a short while for your app to get added.
  9. Once the app is added, you’ll get a confirmation message. To finish the process successfully, select OK.

How to Use TiVo on Roku?

After following the steps above to install TiVo on Roku, you are free to start using it. To do so, you should log in to the servers and access the features.

To use Roku and TiVo and reap the most out of it, you should note the following:

  • You’ll be able to access all channels but won’t use the DVR feature.
  • Roku can only stream the TiVo app at a 720p resolution.
  • TiVo’s interface will be the same as Roku’s.

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Summing Up

You can connect Roku to TiVo by installing the TiVo app on your Roku TV if you have the two devices and would like to use them together. However, since Roku doesn’t support DVR on their devices and can only stream the app at 720p resolution, you should consider using the two devices separately.