Problem Solved:Why Does My Internet Keep Disconnecting? 

The internet is a must-have in our homes and offices today since it helps us access important information on almost every subject imaginable. So, if your internet keeps disconnecting, you cannot like it. It might hurt your overall experience. We want to help you learn how to fix this issue with ease. 

So, why does my internet keep disconnecting? This could be because your internet is too slow, your modem is incompatible, or you are using unreliable cables. Alternatively, your network could be experiencing technical problems, your operating system files corrupt, or your Wi-Fi router outdated. 

These reasons might scare you, especially if you are not tech-savvy. However, that should not be the case. Read on for simple tips on how you can fix it. Check out the list of the Best WiFi Routers on Amazon now!

What Does it Mean if Your Internet Keeps Disconnecting? 

If your internet keeps disconnecting, it means you should troubleshoot for the underlying network-related problem.

It could be that your modem does not correctly communicate with your internet service provider. Modems play a crucial part in ensuring you get quality internet.

They are designed to convert the data from your network into the type of signal that your router or Wi-Fi devices require to function as needed. 

Several factors can result in the inability of the modem to serve your needs. For example, a faulty Ethernet cable or electronic devices nearby can interfere with the transmission of network signals.   

Sometimes, other factors other than the inability of the modem to receive, convert, ad transmit the data can lead to the same issue. Software and hardware issues are some of the causes of the problem.

Signal interferes, and signal lockage can also be the culprits. 

Why is My Internet Disconnecting Every Few Minutes? 

As already indicated, an internet that keeps disconnecting is an indication of an underlying network-related complication. You need to identify each of them to be able to fix the problem.

Here could be the reasons your internet is disconnecting every few minutes: 

Your Internet is Unstable 

If your internet speed is too slow for any reason, it might keep fluctuating beyond the standard limits. At some point, you are likely to be offline. 

If your connection speed is less than 5 Mbps, it’s weak. You can use it to browse the internet and download a few short videos. If you try to stream movies and play games on the network, it will keep disconnecting.

The best connection speed should be above 15-25 Mbps. Otherwise, you’ll be experiencing the same problem if many people use it concurrently to make video calls, stream movies, or play games. 

Overall, you are most likely to experience slow internet speed if you are in a crowded place. 

Your Modem Is Not Compatible 

If your network provider has not approved your modem, your internet can keep disconnecting. Some internet service providers prohibit some modems from accessing their networks.

If that is not the case, the modem could be having some technical issues or do not interface properly with the ISP. It could also be out of date. 

Your Cables Are Unreliable 

You can experience this problem if you are using low-quality cables. Broken cables and old ones are unsuitable for setting up your home network. There are several types of cables that you need.

If you use the wrong one, the internet will be unstable. It can also keep disconnecting if you fail to fix the cables properly. 

Your Network is Experiencing Technical Problems 

Inadequate network coverage could be another reason your internet is connecting and disconnecting. It often occurs when there are technical issues on the ISP’s end.

However, the exact cause depends on the type of internet you are using. Some of the most common reasons for service disconnect are network overload, the distance of the cell tower from your office or house, and bad weather.

Your Operating System Files Are Corrupt 

 Viruses can corrupt your operating system and other software. If the virus targets your network, you could experience the issue. 

Physical Objects, Electronic Devices or VPN Are Interfering  

They can interfere with the transmission of signals or internet connectivity. Internet signals can’t travel through physical objects. If there are objects between your router and your wireless device, you could experience serious interruptions.

Some electronic devices can also compete with your computer, phone, or tablet for bandwidth, leading to poor connectivity. At the same time, some VPN services can block the connection or weaken it. 

Your Wi-Fi Router Outdated 

If your router is more than 5-10 years old, it could be too old to help you get stable internet. According to the latest Wi-Fi technical communications standard, routers that are not certified for Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 are not safe.

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Why Do I Keep Losing My Internet Connection? 

We’ve talked about why your internet keeps disconnecting every few minutes. In most cases, most of them are the same reasons you are losing your internet connection.

In the initial days when the problem begins, the internet can be connecting and disconnecting. However, with time, you can permanently lose your connection. In other words, it’s prudent to fix the issue before it worsens. 

Here is a summary of the main reasons you could be losing your internet connection: 

  • Problems with your internet service provider’s infrastructure 
  • Faulty cables from the router or the modem 
  • Outdated network drivers or firmware 
  • Connection to a lousy Wi-Fi hotspot 
  • Insufficient internet strength (if you are near the edge of the wireless network) 
  • Overloaded wireless network (in crowded areas like concerts, stadiums, and streets) 
  • Wireless interference with nearby devices or other Wi-Fi hotspots 

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How Do I Stop My Internet From Disconnecting? 

Since there are several reasons your internet could be disconnecting, you should troubleshoot for the causes. Here are some potential fixes for your internet disconnection issue: 

  • Improve your internet speed 

 If you are trying to access the internet in a highly crowded area, you can start troubleshooting by running a speed test. Consider whether the speed is ideal.

If many people make video calls, stream movies, and play games on the same network simultaneously, you need a connection with more than 50 Mbps speed.

However, if you do not share the internet with others, 15-25 Mbps can serve you without the connectivity issue. 

However, depending on your needs, you might need to consider ordering a faster Wi-Fi package. Alternatively, you could switch to a better internet service provider. 

  • Use a compatible modem 

 Find out whether your modem is receiving and transmitting signals properly. To do this, you could call your internet service provider. If it’s not compatible, they will advise you accordingly.

The same applies if it’s out of date. Sometimes, you may discover that you need help to ensure the modem interfaces with the ISP properly. A competent customer service personnel should be able to fix this remotely. 

  • Use the approved cables 

 Replace your old or broken cables and see if that solves the issue. Your new cables should be the suitable type. To connect a modem to your cable network, you should use a coax cable.

Moreover, it would be best if you had a phone cable to connect a modem/router combo to your DSL internet line. If it’s not a combo, use an Ethernet cable to connect the router to the modem. In case you require direct signals, you can use it to connect the router to the computer. 

Ensure you plug these cables in the right places for the best results. 

  • Fix network technicalities 

We said that the reasons for service disconnect depend on your internet connection type. For example, if you are using fiber, you will likely encounter an ISP service outage when the cable is disconnected or severed.

For cable, network congestion is a common issue. For 5G home internet, disconnection can occur due to limited network coverage. Overall, the exact solution depends on your type of internet connection. 

On your part, all you need to do if you find yourself in a similar situation is call your ISP to address the technicalities. If that does not work, switch to a better service. 

  • Eliminate the physical objects, electronic devices or VPN 

 If there are objects between the router and your devices, remove them. Do the same with electronic devices nearby. You can also deactivate your VPN or uninstall it to see what solves the connection issue. 

  • Install certified Wi-Fi router 

Get a router that meets at least the requirements of Wi-Fi 5.  If the issue persists, consider installing a new OS first. This helps to remove corrupt files. It would be best if you also had an effective antivirus to protect your software system.

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Why Does My Internet Connection Keep Disconnecting and Reconnecting? 

If your internet keeps disconnecting, there could be several reasons behind that. However, you need to check for the suitability of your modem and router.

Sometimes, you should consider whether the operating system and other software are in good health. The internet could also be disconnecting since your cables are inefficient, or your service provider is not meeting your needs. 


You can see that your internet can keep dropping when you least expect it. The experience could be pretty annoying, especially when streaming favorite music, watching an exciting game, making a critical video call, or looking for some valuable information online.

However, once you know the culprit, you can use the tips you’ve shared above to bring your speedy internet back to life and continue accessing the information you need on any imaginable subject.