5 Quick&Easy Tricks To Stop Your Xbox One From Overheating

A gaming console can overheat very easily as it runs high-quality programs simultaneously. Most have efficient cooling systems built-in to stop them from overheating. However, users have to take added measures to stop their consoles from overheating. How can you stop your Xbox One from overheating? Clean the dust off your console regularly, keep it […]

4 Quick&Easy Ways To Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick

Your Xbox One power brick supplies power to your console and comes with built-in surge protection to shield the streaming device from damage. When the brick detects a power surge, it goes into standby mode. So, the console won’t work until you reset it. That should also mean if the power brick is faulty, you […]

Solved: How To Watch Amazon Prime On Your Xbox? 

Amazon Prime Video has become one of the best streaming services on the planet. It only needed a couple of years to cement its position in the streaming market. Having an Amazon Prime subscription allows users to access a multitude of content involving shows and movies. Some content is also exclusively available on Amazon only, […]