3 solutions to fire stick optimizing system storage and applications loop

3 Solutions To Fire Stick Optimizing System Storage And Applications Loop

This will take approximately 10 minutes they said…Not really. Many people have been complaining about their Amazon Fire Stick TV not functioning properly due to the “fire stick optimizing system storage and applications” message which just keeps reappearing once those 10 golden minuses go by. So today we are going to explain to you how you can fix that pretty quickly and easily.

So, what to do if you get a “fire stick optimizing system storage and applications” message popping up on your screen? Firstly, you have to use an OEM power cord. Secondly, try a different adapter that is connected to the cord, preferably Amazon original adapter. Thirdly, try to avoid the power strip if you can.

That was the gist of it, now let’s talk about each way to solve this problem in a more detailed way.

Get The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Power Cord

In an ideal world, you should be able to use any power cord you want, but for some reason, that is just not the case when it comes to Amazon Fire TV. By simply changing your power cord to an Amazon original one, you can quickly fix the optimization loop. Check out fire tv power cords and original adapters on Amazon now!

Use Amazon Original Adapter

The same applies to the adapter. If you have already changed your cord to the OEM one and the loop persists, try changing your adapter as well. I find that just changing the adapter to a different one, not necessarily the Amazon one, can do the trick. But if no, try getting the original Amazon adapter. That is a bit annoying, but what can you do?

Avoid Power Strip

Insufficient power can be a culprit as well. If your power strip is overcrowded by multiple different devices, it makes sense to try and connect your adapter straight to the wall to get more power, so your device has enough power running through. That should definitely work combined with 2 previous steps.


Today we have discussed 3 extremely easy yet effective ways to fix the “fire stick optimizing system storage and applications” loop. Just remember to make sure you use a different cord, different adapter, and your device is getting enough power.