5 Creative Uses For A Home Projector

 Who says a Home Theater is all high tech? Here are some creative ways of using retro technology in your Home Theater.

If you’re looking for some fun things to do as a family, it’s time to think beyond movies or TV shows. Sure, that’s fun, but where is the imagination? If, instead, you turn to the projector, you now open up a world of opportunities.

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a projector, or have had a projector at home for a while. Sure, it’s perfect show off those school or business projects in a way that will capture everyone’s attention. But the home projector has so many more fun and imaginative uses you may have never considered. Here are just five creative things to do with your home projector.

Study Groups

Many students, and the parents of students, can testify that cramming for tests is often an inefficient process. Your study group may not always be looking at the same practice problems or important passages from text books, and it’s a scramble to keep them on the same page. With the home projector, however, everyone can be working off the same page. By making transparencies of the key issues to study, you can get the vital test information up on the wall, or a big screen, and grab everyone’s attention. This way everyone is learning without having to confer over what they are seeing.

Movie Nights

People are always shopping for bigger and better screens to watch their high definition shows and movies, but the real brilliance is in the home owner who clears a space on the wall or gets a big, but affordable, screen to watch a favorite DVD. Why waste money at the theater, or positioning the chairs around the television, when the movie you want can be sprawled across the wall for the whole family to enjoy?

Story Time

Reading to kids can be a joy to parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, but what about taking the picture book to a different level? Kids love a common activity taken to another level. So putting your story book up on the screen. You can have pictures on the screen as your read the action to them. This will be one reading experience they will never forget.

Quiz Time

Test the knowledge of your friends and family. Try a powerpoint jeopardy game. Since you can hook up most projectors to your computer, you can spend countless hours quizzing each other on all the best of history, sports, and pop culture questions. Have a tournament and put up a prize at the end of the quiz just to spice things up. It could be a great way to spend a Saturday night.

Puppet Shows

This is as fun as a home projector gets and you can turn it into a craft activity that comes to life! Help the little ones make some puppets, but the fun isn’t over when the puppets are done. You can then perform a show for the kids.

These are great ideas for making the most of your home projector. They can be used to educate, entertain, and enjoy. If you have a home project, start thinking of ways you can make the most of this wonderful invention.

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6 thoughts on “5 Creative Uses For A Home Projector

  1. Creative indeed,
    once i’ve been to a dance show, they also used a projector, it was very spectacular!
    they would blend their dance moves with the projected shadows it was very fascinating to watch, i guess it’s just one more creative use to add to the list!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
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  2. I love the story book idea. I think my nephew would really get into that, I might try it out this weekend.

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  4. These are awesome ideas but I really Iike the story time idea. I can imagine how excited the kids will be.

    Thanks for sharing.

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