Samsung TV Plus:15 Important Things You Need To Know

Newer smart TVs from Samsung all come installed with the Samsung TV plus app. It has taken the smart TV world by storm because of its cost-free nature.

It is a service that does not require any subscriptions or additional devices. You can now get on-demand content as soon as you purchase a Samsung smart TV, without having to purchase a third-party (Netflix, Disney Plus, etc.) subscription.

It is a free (but ad-supported) service available exclusively to Samsung owners. So, let’s look at all the features of this free service to decide whether it is beneficial for the viewers. Check out the list of the best Samsung TVs deals on Amazon now!

1. Does Samsung Smart TV Have Free Channels

Samsung Smart TVs do not have free channels in the traditional sense, but they do boast a free app called the “Samsung TV Plus.”

Through this app, viewers can get all the on-demand programming that they want for free.

2. Is Samsung TV Plus Really Free

Samsung claims that this service does not require any external subscriptions, credit cards, additional devices, or other material costs. You can start watching TV as soon as you buy a new Samsung smart TV.

This means that the Samsung TV plus is really free! However, Samsung needs to make their money too, so this service is ad-supported.

Through the advertisements, Samsung can earn their profit while the viewers can enjoy free TV.

3. Does TV Plus Use The Internet

Like any other app on your smart TV, the Samsung TV plus app also requires a fast and reliable internet connection to stream successfully.

An unstable internet connection is going to affect the quality of the programs that you stream using the app. Therefore, it is recommended that you employ a connection of more than 10 megabytes per second to keep your streaming quality to a high level.

4. Is Samsung TV Plus Any Good

Samsung TV plus is good if you do not already have subscriptions from third-party streaming services like Netflix or Disney plus.

It removes the stress of managing and renewing so many subscriptions while offering more than a hundred channels in some regions. In recent months, more Samsung TVs have started to support this app making this app even better.

5. Which TVs Support Samsung TV Plus

Samsung says that all of its smart TVs from 2016-2020 support this app.

It is most likely that this app will continue to be supported in the newer models produced in 2021. Along with the TVs, this app is also supported in many Samsung mobile devices.

It is supported in the Galaxy S9 to S21 series and the Galaxy Note 9 to Not 20 series. Some other lesser-known models also support the Samsung TV plus app.

6. What Can You Watch on Samsung TV Plus

Samsung has a channel list of more than a hundred channels in certain regions.

In some regions, there are a lower number of channels available. However, they still have the more popular content on the app. The app has binge-able shows like Baywatch, Kitchen Nightmares, and plenty of others to keep you busy for a while.

It also boasts a wide selection of popular news channels (like CBSN) and entertainment channels (like ET). Finally, the app also has a selection of music, science, international, movies, tech, gaming, lifestyle, and kids’ channels.

7. Which Countries is Samsung TV Plus Available in

Only eleven countries have access to this service at the time of writing, but more are expected to join in the next few years.

The United States, Canada, Korea, Thailand, and some European countries are part of the eleven countries with Samsung TV plus access.

Samsung has promised to introduce this service to more European countries in the coming months. It would be safe to assume that the company will not stop expanding until most regions of the world have this service.

8. Do All Samsung Smart TVs Have a TV Plus

As discussed earlier, models from the year 2016 onwards have this app preinstalled.

If you have purchased your smart TV after 2016, you likely have this Samsung TV plus. Navigate to this app by going to the home screen, finding the Samsung TV plus icon, and clicking on it.

So, not all TVs have this app, and not even all Samsung TVs have this app! Keep the year of production in mind when purchasing a new TV. If it was made after the year 2016, then you would get all the latest services.

9. Can You Add Channels to Samsung TV Plus

It is up to the company to add free channels to the app, and the user cannot add to this ecosystem by themselves.

Adding channels is an impossible task since the user would have to talk to the channel operators themselves! Newer channels are added to the service occasionally, but it is up to Samsung to decide when to add and remove the channels on their list.

Viewers can remove channels from the app by themselves. On the app, they can navigate to the channel list and remove any channels that they do not like by clicking on the “edit channels” option. Mark the channels you want to remove and click the “delete” option.

10. Do I Need a TV License to Watch Samsung TV Plus

You really do not need a license to watch TV since it will come in with the initial deal of purchase.

In most countries, this service is free, so it is unlikely that you need an extra license to watch it since Samsung claims that there are no extra fees on the app.

These conditions are different in the United Kingdom.

You may need a license to watch shows and other channels on the Samsung TV plus app in the United Kingdom.

11. Can Samsung TV Plus Record

A Samsung TV allows you to make reservations of recording a program through an Air Antenna. However, there is no mention of the Samsung TV plus app having the features to record programs.

So, it is not likely that you can record any shows through the app itself. You would have to use other means to record your shows. Those means may include downloading third-party recording software on your smart tv.

12. Can I Get Samsung TV Plus on Firestick

Since the Samsung TV plus app is only valid for Samsung devices, that means you cannot get the app on any other service. This means that viewers cannot get the app on a Firestick either.

However, Firestick users have received another service that rivals the Samsung TV plus app. It has a new tab that shows users all the free content they can view.

This was created after the Samsung TV plus had impacted the market. The impact was positive for Samsung and negative for Amazon, prompting Amazon to create this free tab. Check out the list of the best Samsung TVs deals on Amazon now!

13. What to Do If the TV Plus Has No Signal

If the TV plus app shows a message saying it has no signals, it means that there is something wrong with the app or the network connection on the TV.

The network connection problem is more probable. Viewers are prompted to go to the TV’s network settings and check the wireless connections on the TV.

If the TV is not connected to the Wi-Fi, it will be displayed in this network tab. Rectify this problem by resetting the router and connecting your TV to the wireless network again.

The app is likely to display all of its features after the rest. If it is still not showing any signals, then there may be an error in the app or your country does not have access to this service. In either case, redownload the app to be sure.

14. How Do I Reset my Samsung TV Plus

You can either select the app from the “smart hub” or the “home screen” of your smart TV and go to its options.

You may find the reset option in this tab; however, some built-in apps do not have this option.

In that case, you would have to reset the entire “smart hub.” Follow the steps to reset the hub.

  1. On the smart hub page, press the “D” on your remote to open the settings.
  2. Click the reset option.
  3. Enter a set password. This password would either be “1234” or “0000.”

15. How Do I Get Rid of Samsung TV Plus

As discussed, this app is an integrated service and cannot be removed fully. However, removing its channels will do the trick. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Go to the channel list of your TV plus app.
  2. Click the “edit channels” option and select all of the channels.
  3. Press the “delete” option to remove all of the channels.
  4. These removed channels will no longer appear, and you would have to do the same with any newer channels that will appear periodically.


The Samsung Smart TV plus is an integrated app that allows users to access free TV. It has been a game-changing addition to smart TV’s and other companies are soon to follow suit.

Amazon has already started making changes, as free TV might just be the future.