How To Easily Jailbreak Any Apple TV?(Step-By-Step Guide)

Apple TV was game-changing at the time of its announcement. However, recently it has become a competitor with other similar devices like the Amazon Firestick and the Chromecast.

Even though the newer Apple TVs offer a great range of services, a jailbroken Apple TV is still better. If you get your Apple TV running a jailbroken software, then you can install any app that you want and enjoy the device to its full potential. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen?

There are few important things that we should mention before talking about the logistics of jailbreaking an Apple TV. A lot of users get worried about jailbreaking being “illegal.” However, that is not the case.

According to Apple’s terms and conditions, their warranty will officially be over if you jailbreak it, but there is nothing about how jailbreaking is illegal. Therefore, jailbreaking is not an illegal act. It cannot be constituted as a crime. Apple tries to negate such behavior as they do not want users to stray away from their paid and exclusive services. However, jailbreaking offers users a world of free apps and unlimited entertainment!

With that out of the way, we can finally talk about jailbreaking your Apple TV!

Older Apple TVs have a bigger reason to be jailbroken. After the jailbreak, older TVs can run software that they could not have previously. It gives users more freedom to access newer software without upgrading their devices. This saves on cost and effort!

Many kinds of software can be used to jailbreak different models of the Apple TV. The second model is very easy to break, while the third and fourth models are a bit tough to crack. Therefore, the second one is the ideal model for an uncertain user. So, let’s talk about the first-generation Apple TV before we jump on to the easier methods of jailbreaking Apple TV 2.

Apple TV 1 Jailbreak

You can jailbreak the first generation by using a software called Rowmote; however, it is a very cumbersome process that requires hours of work. A small description of the steps required is given below, but even then, the interface is not as user-friendly and convincing as the Apple TV 2. The reason for such an interface is that Apple no longer supports the first generation.

  1. Firstly, you would need to update your Apple TV to its latest software version.
  2. Download the “Patchstick Maker” from your Mac or Windows PC onto the Apple TV. The Patchstick Maker can be found on Rowmote’s website.
  3. Unlock your Apple TV by using this application.
  4. Use the remote to go to “Launch More” after you have unlocked the device with the Patchstick maker. Select “scripts” from the new menu that pops up. Select “Install Rowmote.”
  5. Connect to Rowmote and take control of your Apple TV!

This arduous process takes a long time and is not worth it due to its shady interface and Apple TV 1’s limitations.

Apple TV 2 Jailbreak

Jailbreaking Apple TV 2 is really simple. In fact, it is the most popular method in terms of Apple TV jailbreaking. Keep in mind that these steps can only be followed if the Apple TV 2 runs IOS 5.3. Any higher IOS and this process will not work. You can use these detailed steps to jailbreak an Apple TV 2:

  1. You have to use your MAC in this process. Download “Season0pas” from the FireCore website onto your MAC. This app is going to help you jailbreak the device.
  2. Unzip the app after it has been downloaded and move it to your “applications” folder. You are going to start the jailbreaking process from the next step.
  3. Use a micro-USB cable to connect your Apple TV to your MAC. Wait for the device to show up on your MAC.
  4. Click on the Seas0nPass app and wait for it to load up on your screen. In this new display, find the option labeled “create IPSW” and click on it.
  5. A dialogue box will prompt you to press the “Play/Pause” and “Menu” buttons simultaneously on your Apple TV remote. Keep on holding these buttons until the app jailbreaks your Apple TV for you.
  6. You can click on the “Done” button on the dialogue box after the process is complete.
  7. After the jailbreak is complete, it is time to disconnect it from your MAC and connect it back to your TV screen via the HDMI cable.
  8. Your Apple TV will boot up and load a FireCore logo, meaning your Apple TV has been jailbroken and is running third-party software.
  9. Run your device as you would normally. However, you can now explore the added benefits of downloading and running applications not available on the Apple store.

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

Currently, a lot of sources claim that they can jailbreak the Apple TV 3 for you for a small fee. However, do not fall for such claims as this generation of the device cannot be jailbroken by any software on the internet at the moment. Apple has tried its hardest to keep its users from jailbreaking this device; therefore, your best bet is to either buy the Apple TV 4 or use your older Apple TV 2 device. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4th, 5th Gen?

The method for jailbreaking the fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV devices is slightly different than the methods discussed above. However, this method also has a software requirement. TV’s running a 12.2 IOS or later cannot follow the steps below.

  1. On your Mac, download the “Cydia Impactor” app and the “Chimera TV jailbreak file.
  2. Connect the Apple TV to your MAC via a Micro-USB and wait for it to show up. Then drag the “Chimera TV jailbreak file” and drop it on the “Cydia Impactor” to run it.
  3. Press the “start” button and initiate the process.
  4.  Enter your Apple log-in credentials in a dialogue box when it pops up. Do not worry, as the app is only going to register itself to your Apple TV. So, it is completely safe.
  5. The impactor will download the Chimera TV app onto the Apple TV, and the process will be complete. You can now unplug your Apple TV device from your MAC.
  6. Connect the device to the TV and boot it up. Open the Chimera TV app and select the Jailbreak option.
  7. Your TV will be jailbroken as soon as the app completes its processes.

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Jailbreaking is a tough process; however, it has its benefits which pull users to try it. If your device satisfies the conditions for jailbreaking, then you should also use the methods given here to your benefit.

Some devices cannot be jailbroken, so do not be disheartened as there are other ways to bypass Apple’s security features and their terms and conditions.