Standby Light Flashing On Smart TV When On/Off: What To Do?

If your television set is flashing a red light near the power button, you’re likely to have some questions.

According to Good Home Automation, the most common cause for a blinking red standby light on a smart TV is a problem with the power.

This can be the result of a failed power board, as is the case with a Samsung TV, or an overload, as is the case with an Android or LCD and LED TV.

If your television is acting up and worrying you with a flashing light, your best shot at fixing it will be to understand why it is happening.

Therefore, in this article I’m going to cover why the standby light may be flashing whether your TV is on or off, as well as how to fix the issue!

Why Is The Red Standby Light On My TV Flashing? 

The red standby light on your television is usually an indicator of whether the TV is receiving power, or what mode the TV is on.

This varies for different models of televisions.

For example, if you have a Samsung television, the red standby light will shine while the television is off, but will go dark when you turn the TV on, as well as when it is disconnected from power.

However, if the light itself is flashing, it opens a whole new can of worms!

Below, we’ll cover what it means when the light is flashing while your TV is on or off in a few different models.

The Red Standby Light On TV Is Flashing When ON

Here is a list of probable causes for a red standby light to be flashing when the television is on, based on different types of TVs: 

  • The Power Source is damaged – Occasionally, the reason for your television’s blinking light is not a problem with the TV, but with the place the TV is plugged into. If your TV’s capacitors (which we’ll discuss in the next section) are receiving inconsistent amounts of energy from a faulty power strip, for example, the red light will blink.
  • The HDMI-CEC is Malfunctioning – A HDMI-CEC, usually found on a Samsung or Sony Smart TV, is responsible for turning the TV on whenever a game system, like an Xbox, turns on. It is efficient, but if it is damaged, your TV may indicate it by flashing a red light.

The Red Standby Light On TV Is Flashing When OFF

Now that we’ve covered the probably causes of that pesky flashing light while your TV is on, let’s go over a list of causes for when your television is off:

  • The Light is Shorted – If your television is off, but the LED light near the standby button is blinking or won’t turn off, you may have just one problem: the LED light itself has shorted out. In this case, the rest of your television is fine, but you’ll need to replace that one light!
  • The Capacitors are blown – If your television won’t turn on, and the only sign of life is in your flashing red standby light, it is possible that the capacitors are blown. Capacitors are responsible for controlling the flow of electricity to your TV. If they are blown by an electrical surge, they’ll malfunction, and your TV won’t do anything but flash that light.

With all of these problems correctly identified, we can move on to the important part: how to resolve the issue and get both the light and your TV back to normal.

How To Fix This Issue?

Below are a list of ways to go about solving the flashing red light on your smart TV!

  1. Identify the problem – Before you can begin solving the issue, see whether or not any of the above reasons fit your TV’s blinking red light. Check the wall outlet by plugging your TV in elsewhere, or get a voltmeter and read the power levels. If it has no reading when pointed at a TV, you’ll know the issue is with your TV’s power board and not the outlet.
  2. Replace Capacitors – If your capacitors are blown, you’ll need to add new capacitors by unplugging your unit, removing the circuit board, and finding the damaged capacitors. Remove these by melting the joint with a soldering iron, then pull  the wire through the resulting hole. Attach this to a new, trimmed capacitor and solder it into place.
  3. Replace shorted LED light – Check the manufacturing website of your TV and order the correct LED light for your model. Then remove the back panel, boards, speakers, and the actual screen to access the LED lighting. Replace the faulty lights with the new one, and voila! No more blinking red light!
  4. Turn off the HDMI-CEC function – Go into your TV settings to turn off the function of your HDMI that connects your TV’s power to the power of your video gaming systems.
  5. Consult a Professional – When all else fails, go to the professionals for assistance! This is especially true if your feel insecure or are inexperienced in electrical matters.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, a flashing light on a smart TV usually means that your television has either electrical problems or power-connectivity problems.

Some solutions can be simple, like plugging your TV into a new outlet or power strip.

Others, however, like replacing capacitors, are not such quick fixes and require the help of a professional!