Fixed: Sony TV “Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet” Issue

Sony is one of the most trusted brands of TVs in the modern world. Their smart TVs are very powerful and easy to operate when compared to their closest competitors.

However, even the most perfect device can have some technical issues in the modern world.

How to fix Sony TV connected to Wi-Fi but no internet? Power reset your modem/router by unplugging them from the power source, waiting for a minute, then plugging them back in. Check other devices in your household to see if they are getting internet, move your router closer to the TV, try changing the date and time settings of the TV.

One such issue is the “no internet” issue with Sony TVs, even when connected to your Wi-Fi network.

This article explores all the possible causes and fixes for this issue so that you do not get to face this troublesome problem ever again. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Why Is My Sony Smart TV Not Connecting To The Internet?

A TV is already a complex technological device, so adding smart features to a device will only complicate its technological structure.

This implies that there can be many reasons behind why the error message of “no internet” pops up on your TV.

The first reason for this issue could lie with your internet provider or network status.

Usually, this problem occurs when your internet access is restricted from your internet service provider (ISP).

Their network may be down as the ISP could be running maintenance/fixes, or another problem could have occurred.

In this case, the fix is out of your hands, as only the ISP can fix it.

As soon as your other devices get the internet, it means your network is back online, and your network status would be okay.

Another cause for this issue might be your router or your modem device.

Sometimes there are power imbalances that cause the circuits within these devices to not respond ideally.

So, to fix this issue, people usually opt for power resetting both devices.

You can learn more about power resetting devices in the next section, where we discuss possible fixes for the “no internet” issue.

It is an easy fix and one that is in your hands.

Another cause for this problem could be the placement of your TV and your router across your house.

This reason has a simpler explanation, as everyone can understand that signal strength depends upon the distance.

If your router is placed far away from your TV (or on another floor), then the signal disparity between your TV and some other devices can be understood.

Smart TVs are not as powerful as your laptops; therefore, they need to be closer to the router to pick up their signals.

Sometimes, other objects may also cause interference between the communication of your router with your smart TV.

Wireless phones and speakers can often disrupt the router to smart TV connection by emitting their own frequencies.

Some easy fixes to this cause are also discussed in the next section.

The last cause for this problem can reside with your TV settings.

Some apps do not operate appropriately if the date and time on the TV have not been entered correctly.

These apps match the date and time of your TV with their servers and return an error message if they do not match.

So, some of your apps will not work if you have entered the incorrect date and time.

You can easily change this by going to the settings. You can learn more about changing date and time settings in the possible fixes explored below.

Why Does My Sony TV Connect To Wi-Fi But No Internet?

Being connected to Wi-Fi does not always mean that you will have internet.

Those are two separate terms with different meanings.

Being connected to the Wi-Fi means that you are connected to the network; however, being connected to the internet means that you are connected to the World Wide Web via the Wi-Fi network.

If the Wi-Fi does not have internet, that means your device will not have internet.

Usually, this is your ISP’s fault; however, there can be other reasons as to why the TV is connected to the Wi-Fi but is not getting any internet.

You can have placement issues, or a date and time issue, or even an issue with your modem/router.

More details on these causes are discussed in the previous question. To find out about their solutions, you can explore the next question.

How To Fix Sony TV Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet?

As there are many causes to this problem, there are many fixes too.

However, it is difficult to detect which problem you are facing.

So, you are encouraged to try all the steps below in ascending order.

You can stop at whichever step fixes your problem.

This would also tell you which problem you were initially facing.

  1. The easiest solution is to power reset your modems and router devices. Power resetting allows the device to power down and rids them of any electrical imbalances. After the reset, the router and modem would work ideally. To power reset, you must unplug the devices for a minute and plug them in again. If this does not fix your internet issues, then you can move on to the next step.
  2. If you are still not getting internet, you can check other devices in your household to see if they are getting internet. If they are also not getting internet, then you can call your ISP and get it fixed. However, if they are getting internet, then it is an internal problem, and you can fix it by following the steps below.
  3. You can try and change the position of the router and the TV. Try bringing them together, as the signal strength might be affected by distance and other objects. Electrical objects may also cause a disturbance in the frequency; therefore, it is advised to keep them away from the TV.
  4. The final solution lies in changing the date and time settings of the TV. You can change the date and time of your TV by going to the settings app and opening the “System Settings” option (top right) within this app. You will find the “Date and Time” option on this display. You would have to disable the automatic feature and enter your date and time manually. Restart your TV to see the changes in effect. Hopefully, you would be able to operate all apps with the internet now.

How Do I Fix The Wi-Fi On My Sony TV?

There are many fixes available to the user when their internet is not working.

Usually, the TV is connected to Wi-Fi but does not get internet. We have discussed all the possible fixes to this issue in the question above. However, you are not limited to these fixes only.

You can apply your own fixes, as each fix would vary depending on the model.

If you cannot get the internet operational on your TV, then it might just be the time to get a professional to look at it. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!


Smart TVs are the future of entertainment in most households.

The Internet is the most important feature of smart TVs; without it, they are pretty much just regular TVs.

So, it is important to always have the internet on your smart TVs.

If your Sony TV faces issues with the Wi-Fi or the internet, you can explore this article and hopefully fix the issues without having to call anyone.