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TV Lift in Colsole
Author: My Blog Guest Author
Back in the day, the television was an enormous piece of furniture that took up most of the space in the living room. It was difficult to move and there were very few options to where you could place it. … Continue reading
home theater wire clutter
Author: My Blog Guest Author
When your TV doesn’t pick up signal properly, it can be surprisingly upsetting. It might not seem like the be-all and end-all, but when you’re trying to watch your favourite program only to find it cutting out every two minutes, … Continue reading
LCD Pixels
Author: Jessy Troy
If you have ever tried to fix an electronic device by yourself, you most likely discovered that technology can be very confusing. It’s a tedious process to fix what you don’t understand. Instead of trying this yourself, you can simply … Continue reading
Internet Streaming while watching TV
Author: My Blog Guest Author
There can be little doubt that cable television brings a lot of entertainment into our lives and living rooms. But what happens when you realize that you need to cut down on your outgoings? There is a recession currently affecting … Continue reading
Author: My Blog Guest Author
If you’ve invested a lot of money, time and effort into your home cinema, don’ forget to buy a good pair of wireless home theater headset.  These wireless headsets have only recently caught up with the sound quality of its … Continue reading
Author: DJ Miller
Mobile technology has grown rapidly over the past few years. Tablets are now the forefront of mobile innovation. Everyone knows you can use a tablet for personal entertainment. However, did you know that a tablet can really be a control … Continue reading
Author: Robert E Kraus
Wikipedia defines a Smart TV as any TV capable of using the Internet to provide interactive media content to the viewer. But, did you know they were also Smart DVD players? That’s right, many new Blu-ray DVD players and Home … Continue reading
TV mounted on wall
Author: My Blog Guest Author
If you have a flat panel TV it’s probably not got past your notice that the best way to watch this type of television is when it’s mounted on the wall. Many flat screen TVs are now mounted this way … Continue reading
home theater
Author: DJ Miller
When you’re creating a home entertainment system, there are a lot of add-on to chose from. You can buy speakers, DVD players, HDTV’s or even download mobile applications to improve your overall viewing experience. Take a look at these five … Continue reading
wire mess
Author: Emma Carney
If you take a look behind your TV stand, or cabinet, what do you see? Probably a little bit of dust that’s been forgotten about and a lot of wires. In fact, many of our entertainment systems may look great … Continue reading
HDMI Cable
Author: Robert E Kraus
HDMI cable is exactly what you need to get the best picture if you own a Hi-Def Television and use a Blu-ray DVD Player or Hi-Def Cable/Satellite box Continue reading
Lightning Surge
Author: Jann Webb
Surges in electrical power are part and parcel of everyday life. When a spike or surge occurs it can play havoc with electronic equipment; especially computers. However, most computer users believe that adequate surge protection begins and ends by plugging … Continue reading