How To Easily Connect A Wii To Your Smart TV(Step-By-Step Guide)

Despite not boasting the latest and greatest graphics for the time, the Wii took the console world by storm when it was released in the mid-2010s, and is still remarkably popular today due to its casual nature and fun, innovative controls. The Wii’s success was largely down to its motion-controlled controllers, which allowed players to […]

Micro HDMI VS Mini HDMI Simple Difference Explained

No home theater system or office set-up could run without HDMI cables. They are used to transmit high definition audio and video data between your devices. That includes your television, computers and laptops, monitors, video projectors, speakers, gaming consoles, and more. Today we will talk about 3 different types of the HDMI connector: Standard HDMI, […]

2 Great Headphones For Your Home Theater

If you’ve invested a lot of money, time and effort into your home cinema, don’ forget to buy a good pair of wireless home theater headset.  These wireless headsets have only recently caught up with the sound quality of its wired companions. A good pair of headset should last you a lifetime. Don’t forget to […]