How To Easily Connect A Wii To Your Smart TV(Step-By-Step Guide)

Despite not boasting the latest and greatest graphics for the time, the Wii took the console world by storm when it was released in the mid-2010s, and is still remarkably popular today due to its casual nature and fun, innovative controls. The Wii’s success was largely down to its motion-controlled controllers, which allowed players to […]

Who makes Onn TV?(+Pros,Cons,Alternatives)

There has been something of a trend recently of big retailers getting into the electronics branding game. We’ve seen it with Amazon and their AmazonBasics line of cables and accessories, we’ve seen it with Best Buy and their Insignia TVs, and now, we see it with Walmart and their Onn products. Though brand loyalty may […]

How To Enable/Pair Devices With Bluetooth On Samsung Smart TV

Bluetooth connectivity adds a considerable amount of convenience to our technology. Improving reliability and quality have made it to a point where, for most regular use-cases, wireless devices are just as good as traditional wire-connected devices, but without the hassle of having to plug them in and have unsightly wires all over. It shouldn’t come […]